The Dog Runner

Are you a Dog Person?

Does your dog love to run? Me too! Book me now for a Dog Run.

I’m assuming that as you’re here, you’re not a cat person. Don’t worry, neither am I. Cats are fine. They are just not dogs. You’re a dog person. I GET it.

Your dog enjoys a walk. BUT. Your dog was born to run. Just like you weren’t designed to sit at a desk all day. A dog needs to move a lot.

Fetching tennis balls is great, but did you ever see a wolf chase a ball? Wolves run and hunt together and dogs have an instinct to run in a pack.

I’m a Dog Runner

Maybe you’re too busy to run with your dog. Or maybe you just hate running. I’m not judging! I’m not that Simon Cowell.

I can do the hard work for you. I’m not Mo Farah, but I’m no slouch either. A casual jog along the river or bursts of sprinting you’re after? I also know how to walk. I’m fine with walking too!

I’m a professional dog runner based in Egham, Surrey. I grew up with big dogs. Golden retreivers, flatcoated retreivers, labradors. I LOVE big dogs. Something you can have a good ol’ rough and tumble with.

You can trust me

Don’t worry, I’m really quite sensible. I’m DBS checked and I volunteer for the Ambulance Service as a First Responder. So your dog is in safe hands.

Message me today. Your dog will thank you for it. And if they don’t, I’ll give you your money back.